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E1: Evangelizing the Lost

This department covers the outreach ministries of the Africa Gospel Church: Evangelism and Missions.


Under Evangelism are ministries specifically intended to reach out to individuals and the groups to come to the saving knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


It is through this department that we add into the numbers of existing members of the denomination.

We seek cutting age methods that appeals to today’s generation while still being careful to present the whole Gospel.

We partner with many others to organized large scale interdenominational evangelism meetings, to carefully provide strategic training for the evangelism leaders across the over 1700 congregations, and to equip these leaders with the tools needed to reach out effectively.


The Missions Department oversees the outreach ministries to unreached and underreached people groups, especally in hardship arid and semi-arid parts of the nation where accessibility is difficult and infrastructure is minimal if present at all.


Africa Gospel Church has established over fifteen mission stations with an emphasis on a holistic approach.

In such areas we have initiated schools, medical clinics, churches and self-help projects.

Due to the vast extent of these regions strategic partnerships would enhance broad developmental projects that will serve these communities in a more sustainable form.

A key challenge we face is the support of personnel who are serving in difficult places.  Their goal is the training and equipping of the community.

We invite partnership in supporting volunteer staff who will help track and document progress of projects. These personnel will help with clear transitional structures by training and equipping the local leaders to take over the projects introduced in their areas.

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