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E5: Exercising Compassion

nyando-flood-relief-500The Compassion Ministries Department entails meeting the physical needs of the person as the spiritual needs are being met.

Through this ministry of helps, the church realizes its mandate of holistic approach to ministry.

While safeguarding the abuse of social compassion to dependency, the compassion department initiates relief programs and development projects simultaneously. Often relief becomes the Africa Gospel Church's entry point to new ministry areas, and developmental projects become our mechanism to see that the problem is given a long term solution.

In partnership with the Missions department and other Strategic Objectives, this department through Holder International (Non Profit Organization formed by the church structure to mobilize and dispense resources) collects relief, manages the distribution of relief, and initiates training of communities to initiate holistic development projects from what they have.

Our Approach:  HARVARD

The Compassion Department have coined the Acronym ‘HARVARD’ to address the depth and breadth of what it takes to do Compassion.

H: Health Outreach Program: Enabling accessibility of health services through mobile and established clinics and programs, 

A: Advocacy programs: founding and supporting Social Justice Structures, 

R: Rehabilitation: Correctional programs targeting families in the streets, women in prostitution and individuals in Penitentiaries and all manner of incarcerations against the will of the individual or for the good of the society,

V: Vulnerable & Destitute: The Establishment of rescue and empowerment structures and Centers inclusive of children and enslaved persons, 

A: Awareness and Training: Equipping Strategic Denominational Leaders on Holistic approach to ministry across the country,

R: Relief program: Efforts to alleviate momentary suffering as a permanent solution is being sought out 

D: Development: To Champion the search for permanent solutions to impending sufferings and challenges)

Partners can come along to help with providing assistance and relief and to help hard hit areas move toward true development.

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