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E4: Equipping Leaders

This department deals with education and leadership development.

The Africa Gospel Church recognizes that the equipping of leaders begins in early childhood development, basic education classes, high school and institutions of higher learning.

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The institutions for religious studies and ministry skill development are our base for training ministers of the Gospel, missionaries and transformed workforce in the Kenyan Market place.

One unique area of opportunity is the open doors to train high school leaders in peer mediation and conflict resolution. This will help prepare the youth to deal with crisis moments not only in their education, but in life.  This trains them to be leaders who are solution seekers.  God has opened this amazing door for the church to have a major influence on those who will shape the destiny of the nation.

vanderhoof-bibles-400School Sponsorship

The Africa Gospel Church is the sponsor 567 schools in Kenya.  We partner with these schools in infrastructural development, ecological improvements, academic and extra curriculum activities.

This engagement of the church in the community gives the church great credibility, and enables us to equip and mobilize the community to own their schools and develop them.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships in capacity building workshops are very welcome  It is our goal to develop the capacity of these community institutions to serve their areas.

Investment in Human resource makes another area of credible partnership.

There is an urgent need to raise servant leaders who will not only serve the church but the nation.

With the emergence of lucrative market offers in the business world, getting more young people to engage in theological studies is a challenge. Often those available are not well endowed to fund their education. Scholarships to help with their training will keep the flow of ministry trained servant leaders who will lead in the influence and formation of people groups and the building of nations in the image of God.

Transforming the world at all levels through Godly Leadership

The Education Department in Africa Gospel deals with the following key areas:

Schools (Basic Education)

AGC is a sponsor of more than 105 Secondary and 400 Primary schools scattered around the Country of which some are ranked top nationally. The church is involved in:

  • Spiritual nourishment through Chaplaincy
  • Prudent school Management through Boards of Management
  • Any other support essential for the development of the whole person

Training Institutions


The Church sponsors a number of Institutions including:

  • Kenya Highlands Evangelical University(KHEU),
  • Tenwek Hospital,
  • Tenwek School of Nursing,
  • Tenwek School of Chaplaincy,
  • Kaboson Pastors Training College,
  • Olderkesi Ministry Training Institute,
  • Kapenguria Ministry Training Institute among others.

Leadership Development

The department is involved in developing leaders from all spheres of life so that they can impact the human race through intentional:

  • Conferences/ Seminars/Workshops/Retreats
  • Training in Institutions of Higher learning
  • Mentorship programs
  • Internship / Attachments

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