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E3: Edifying Believers

The spiritual formation of believers through provision of discipleship programs is an integral part of the Africa Gospel Church.

The church uses a number of proven approaches such as:

  • Catechism (Manual for Instructing new believers into basic Christian living preparing them for baptism)
  • Membership classes (Preparing maturing members into service)
  • Vacation Bible School –VBS (Children Holiday Bible Based Fun and Spiritual enrichment programs),
  • Growth Classes (Intentional Christian Maturity Programs of different levels)
  • Rites of Passage programs (Tailored programs for boys and girls intended to redeem traditional practices that may be harmful to the mind and body but also equip them to face their adult lives)
  • and provision of discipleship materials.

Constituent Departments

In addition this department comprises of four constituent departments addressing issues on Men, Women, Youth and Children.

Partnerships are welcome to come along the facilitation, acquisition and production of materials, the organization of Boys Rites of Passage and Girls Alternative Rites of Passage programs.

While appreciating the special place of our African cultural practices, the church strongly believes in the nurturing of believers that will help penetrate and moderate divisive and destructive cultures.

We invite partnerships in participating in the organization of Conferences for Men, Women, Youth and Children. These conferences offer a platform where ideas can be shared and strategies imparted within a short time to a large audience.

These trained personnel then can go back to their communities and share what they have learned.

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