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What the Africa Gospel Church Believes

What the AGC Believes

Africa Gospel Church Kenya is a Bible-believing community of believers within the Wesleyan Armenian Evangelical heritage.

It is committed to wisely preserve, propagate and pass on to the future generations the doctrines and principles with which the founders of the Church started.

The Africa Gospel Church Kenya, in accordance with the word of God, is a Church of people of all economic, social, ethnic, age, national, and gender backgrounds.

The AGC Kenya is prepared to expand the Kingdom of God on earth through evangelizing the lost, establishing of Churches, edifying believers, equipping the Church & community leaders, and exercising social compassion.


The governance of Africa Gospel Church is by Councils with the supreme council being the Central Church Council.

Our other councils are:

  • the Local Church Council,
  • District Church Council,
  • Area Church Council,
  • Regional Church Council,
  • Central Church Council,

Other councils, boards, and committees are established as needed by the Central Church Council.

The Bishop is the spiritual and administrative head of the Africa Gospel Church, Kenya. The Bishop provides leadership and direction towards accomplishing strategic objectives of the Church and answerable to the Central Church Council.

This structure gives stability to the church and responsibility to the congregants, protecting the organization from personal interests.

With great leadership these structures can be harnessed for the growth of the church and outreach to the community.

Our Doctrinal Statement

bible-417Members of the Africa Gospel Church declare their belief:

A. That both Old and New Testaments constitute the divinely inspired Word of God, inerrant in the originals, and the final authority for life and faith.

B. That there is one God, eternally existent in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each with personality and deity.

C. That the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, manifested in the flesh through the virgin birth, died on the cross for the redemption of the human family, all of whom may be saved from sin through faith in Him.

D. That man, although created by God in His own image and likeness fell into sin through disobedience and “so death passed upon all men, for all have sinned”. (Romans 5:12).

E. In the salvation of the human soul, including the new birth; and in a subsequent work of God in the soul, a crisis, wrought by faith, whereby the heart is cleansed from all sin and filled with the Holy Spirit. This gracious experience is retained by faith as expressed in a constant obedience to God’s revealed will, thus giving us perfect cleansing moment by moment” (1 John 1:7-9).

F. That the Church is the body of Christ; that all who are united by faith to Christ are members of the same; and that, having thus become members of one another, it is our solemn covenant duty to fellowship with one another in peace, and to love one another with pure and fervent hearts.

G. That our Lord Jesus Christ in His literal resurrection from the dead is the living guarantee of the resurrection of all human beings; the believing saved to conscious eternal joy, and the unbelieving lost to conscious eternal punishment.

H. That our Lord Jesus Christ, in fulfillment of His own promise, both angelically and apostolically attested that will personally return in power and great glory.

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