Africa Gospel Church Kenya

The whole Church ... taking the whole Gospel ... to the whole world.

The Purpose, Mission, and Strategies of the Africa Gospel Church

Our Vision: 

The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.


salgaa-ladies-450Our Mission:

The purpose of the Africa Gospel Church is to fulfill the Great Commandment and Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Great Plan.

  • The Great Commandment embodies Loving God (Spiritual Development) and Man (Social Development).
  • The Great Commission informs the need for (Intentional Discipleship) structure and programs.
  • The Great Plan (Dynamic Evangelism) defines the extent of our mission ... not just local, but to also make an impact on our families, communities, nations and the world.

Our Core Values

The following are the "Guiding Principles" that direct our decision making as a church:

  • Accountability
  • Biblical Authority
  • Commitment
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fellowship
  • Holiness
  • Servanthood

Our Stategies

In order to fulfill our mission and God-directed vision, we will pursue the following strategies:


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