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About the Africa Gospel Church

The Africa Gospel Church is one of the largest evangelical denominations in Kenya.

The church traces its roots back to the work of missionaries from World Gospel Mission starting in 1932.

From its registration as an autonomous entity in 29th august 1961, the church has grown to over 1700 congregations spread in different parts of the country. It has seen remarkable growth and development in rural and urban areas as well as in sending its own missionaries to remote areas and unreached tribes in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan. 



The church is a sponsor to a number of institutions in the country including Kenya Highlands Evangelical University, Tenwek Hospital and Tenwek School of Nursing, The Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre, Kaboson Pastors School, the Olderkesi Ministry Training Institute, 567 Secondary and primary schools among other ministries and community development projects.

The Africa Gospel Church is a mission-oriented denomination and has churches spread to the southern Kenya to the borders of Kenya-Tanzania along the Maasai land; some other churches are located in the North-west of Kenya among the Turkana and the Pokot and across the border to Eastern Uganda.

We are intentional in developing programs and outreach strategies friendly to our Muslim neighbours, including programs in the North Eastern parts of Kenya.

Currently, we have fifteen mission fields, over thirty five urban churches with five in Nairobi city and a newly established church in Mombasa city.

There is hope that this growth will continue,with God’s grace and help, over the next five years and beyond.

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